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Puppy Head Start Program

Level 1 - 1 week

$400 (includes training clicker, leash and collar)

This program allows you to get a jump start on training and avoid the noisy first days of crate training.


  • Crate training

  • Clicker training (Introduction)

  • Collar and leash (Introduction)

  • Sit (Introduction)

  • No biting/mouthing

  • "Say hi or touch" (Introduction)

  • Puppy, puppy, puppy recall



Goals for week one: 

Puppy is away from his/her littermates.  

Work on focus and attention.

Walk on a leash

Sleep 5 hours in a crate through the night with no fuss

Markers: yes, no, good

The goal in the first week of training is to transition puppy away from the nursery and littermates. and to learn to sleep in a crate alone for 5+ hours through the night. Your puppy will learn to respond to sit, "say hi/touch" as a polite way to great people.  We will also work on the puppy, puppy, puppy recall.  It can be a life saver if the puppy was to ever get away from you.

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