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Puppy Head Start Program

Level 2 - 2 week

$800 (includes training clicker, leash and collar)

Our 2 week Head Start program is perfect for busy families who want to get a jump start on training, or for those who don't have the time or experience to train a young puppy.

The first few weeks with a new puppy can be tough for any family, especially if you’re busy or new to dog training. That’s why our Head Start program is perfect for those who want to ensure their pup has the best start in life. We focus on basic obedience skills, house training, socialization, and much more. 



Crate training 

Clicker training

Leash training


Auto sit

Say hi/touch


Off (no jumping on people and furniture)

Say hi/touch (greeting people/children politely)

Puppy recall

No biting/mouthing

Name (puppy responds to his name)

Grooming (bath, dryer, nail trim and sanitary trim)

Crate training

Car exposure

Start on 80 point socialization checklist

Goals for week two:  

Work on focus and attention.

Manners: Off and bite inhibition, leave it and give it. 

Markers: yes, no, good

Sleep 6-8 hours through the night with no fuss

The Goal for week 2 is to build your puppies love for obedience and learning.  We will build on what the puppy has learned in week one and add auto sit, down, off, and introduce "leave it and give it" commands.  We will start on the 80 point socialization checklist. Your puppy will go on car rides to build their confidence. We will continue to work on the puppy recall.

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