About us

We are a small in-home breeder that specializes in English Goldendoodles and Australian Goldendoodles.  We have been breeding Goldendoodles for over 14 years and have receintly added Australian Goldendooodles into our program.

All of our dogs are DNA health tested and are clear of all genetic diseases that can affect Goldendoodles and Australian Goldendoodles.

Our puppies are raised on an advanced curriculum to ensure that they are calm and well socialized before going to their new homes.

Our curriculum includes:

  • ENS (early neurological stimulation)(day 3-16)

  • ESI (early scent introduction) (day 3-16)

  • Gentle handling

  • Sound desensitizing (household noises, thunderstorms, fireworks, babies crying etc.)

  • Litter training (easier transition to potty training)

  • Daily activities with new exposures

  • Crate exposure 

  • Outdoor exposure

  • Grooming (brush, comb, baths, blow dry)

  • Weekly nail trims

  • Head start program (walk on a leash, sit, auto sit, down, off and no biting)