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                                                      Adoption Requirements


We prefer that adopting families have a fully enclosed fenced-in yard or dog run.  Tying or chaining up a puppy/dog is not an option. It makes them aggressive, bark excessively, and is not the way we would want any dog to live their life! 

If you have a pool or an area that you need to keep the puppy safe from, you must have a dog run. If you live in the country or have acreage, you still need to have a fenced-in area for your puppy.  Puppies don't know property lines and can get hit by a car before they learn them.


We do adopt puppies to families that live in condos/apartments.  You must be committed to taking your puppy/dog out for daily walks.   Please contact us for further information.  


If you just had a baby or are about to become a new parent, we ask that you hold off adopting a puppy. Both require a lot of time when they are young, with the dog that usually loses out in the end.  Adopting to families with young children (1-4 years) will be assessed on an individual basis.  We are finding that some families with young children are becoming overwhelmed with their new puppy.  


Do you have time for a dog?  If you're a family that is away all day and busy with activities in the evening, a Doodle isn't the dog for you. They are very social dogs and love to be around people. If left alone for extended periods of time can become extremely stressed and can develop health and/or behaviour problems. 

*Our puppies are sold as indoor, family dogs only.

Please remember that puppies/dogs are living beings with feelings! You should not allow children to drag, squeeze, hit, kick, or lay on them.  I know this common sense and the majority of people would never allow this, but we have had issues in the past so I feel the need to bring attention to this.


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