We Believe that every puppy/dog deserves a loving home, with a family of their own, so we have included Guardian homes into our breeding program that will help ensure that our future mothers will have their own special family.  

What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is where we place a puppy/dog in their forever home, and we retain the breeding rights for a certain amount of litters. The dog would live with their Guardian family and come to our home for breeding and when she is ready to have her puppies.  Guardian Families are responsible for the day-to-day care/cost of the dog, while we are responsible for any breeding-related costs.

Guardian families will be monetarily compensated for every litter the dog has. After the dog retires from our breeding program, she will then be spayed and will continue to live with her family. 

All puppies that are in our Guardian Program will enter our Head Start Program and will be crate trained before going to their new home.  

Guardian Home Requirements


  • Own your own home

  • Live no further than 1 hour away

  • Have a fully enclosed fenced in yard

  • Feed approved food

  • Ensure puppy is properly socialized with people and dogs

  • The puppy/dog must live in your home as part of your family

  • Must not have an intact male in your home

  • Keep track of heat cycles

  • Willing to bring the dog to our home for breeding and whelping

  • Any emergency care that is not breeding related is the responsibility of the guardian family

  • No leave puppy/dog outside in the yard while you are away

  • Keep puppy/dog on a leash when not in a fenced in area