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We have recently made a change in the food we have fed when your pup went home. We want only the best for our dogs and have found a premium food that is fully supplemented. TLC pet food has it all, three meat protein sources, probiotics, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Plus it’s low glycemic so it’s perfect for the lifetime of our dogs. Free shipping! with every order! If you would like to switch here is a link with $5 off. Feel free to ask us anything!

June 16th

The puppies have started to go to their new homes.  It's a bitter sweet time for us.  We're going to miss them, but happy that they have found their forever families.


June 8th

The puppies went for their check up and 1st vaccination yesterday.  They all did great!  All of the puppies are very healthy and we received a lot of comments on how calm and well behaved they all are.  They did well in the car and didn't make a sound! 


June 6th

Puppies are getting their check up and 1st vaccinations tomorrow.  I recommend that you make your appointments for their 2nd vaccination in 4 weeks asap.  Puppies get vaccinated at 8, 12, 16 weeks of age.  They will get their rabies vaccination at their 16 week appointment.

The puppies are on Acana Healthy Grains puppy food.  We purchase the food at Pet Value and Pet Planet, but I'm sure they're other stores that sell it as well.  We feed puppy food until our puppies are 6 months of age and then we slowly transition them over to adult dog food.  I'm sending a small bag home in their puppy package, and I recommend keeping them on this food for at least one month and slowly change them over to the new food if you don't want to keep them on it.  Puppies get stressed easily at this age and can develop diarrhea.  

We recommend following their schedule closely for the first few weeks until they settle in.


Your puppy package will include, food, litter, collar, training clicker, training treats, comfort blanket, collapsable water bowl and a toy,




May 29th

The puppies 6 week pictures are up on the current litter page.  These will be the last individual pictures that will be taken of the puppies.  The puppies are doing great with their grooming, baths, nail trims and are really good with the high velocity dryer.  They are well on their way to potty training and they love sleeping in a crate (with open door).  It's hard to believe that they will be going to their new homes soon.


May 24th

We added new pictures of the puppies to the gallery.  

We have transitioned the puppies over to artificial grass for their potty training.  It will make it easier for potty training when they go to their new homes.  They are doing very well and caught on quickly.

We are getting them used to grooming (bath, nails, comb, brush and dryer).

Puppy selection is on June 3rd.  I will be contacting families today and tomorrow to book a time to come and meet the puppies.




May 21th

The puppies had outdoor exposure yesterday and the did great!   We are switching out their toys and sensory items every day

We continue to do the 10 step handling exercises daily to expose the puppies to different types of touch and sensations.

They are eating softened whole puppy food and no longer eating gruel.  They will all have a bath, blow dry, and a nail trim today. 



May 14th

The puppies 4 week pictures are posted on our Current Litter page.  I'll add their previous pictures on this gallery once I remove them from the current litter page.  Puppies had their 2nd deworming. 


May 10th

The puppies are doing great!  They are getting cuter by the day.  They started on their puppy mush this morning and did really well.

We introduced a potty tray and pee pads to their pen to teach them to go in a designated area.  We are doing our 10 step handling exercises every day as well as sound desensitizing. 

May 4th

Puppies are starting to walk and explore their area. They have had their 1st deworming and had their nails trimmed.


April 30th

I posted the puppies 2 week pictures on the "Current Litter" page.

The puppies will have their first nail trim today.


April 28th

The puppies all have their eyes open..

April 26th

The puppies are doing great.  They are starting to move around more, and a few have opened their eyes.


April 23rd

Litter Theme - "Hollywood Golden Era"

It's hard to believe they are a week old already!

April 21st

Charli and the puppies are doing great!  We are weighing them everyday to make sure they are gaining weight. We also do supplemental bottle feedings to help Charli out.  


April 19th

We're starting the puppies ENS and ESI training today.  Ens stands for early neurological stimulation and is an exercise that expose puppies to gentle stressors from day 3 - 16 to help with their development, resilience and improve heart health.



April 16th 

Charli and Beaus puppies have arrived!   They were born 5 days later than we expected.  

For the first couple of days, we do minimal handling of the puppies. We want to give Charli time to bond with her puppies with little stress. The only handling we do is taking their weights to make sure they are all gaining and bottle feeding.  

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