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April 20th

We started puppy selection.  I'll add the pictures and names as the puppies are selected. Puppy selection begins on Wednesday and goes through until Saturday.

1) Almond

2) Pecan

3) Walnut

4) Macadamia

5) Hazelnut

6) Cashew



April 14th

Sorry I haven't updated you sooner.  The puppies' 6-week pictures are finally posted on their page.  We've been working on their 10-step handling exercises daily as well as crate exposure. We've also been working on grooming.  I'm getting them used to a metal comb and a slicker brush and having their nails trimmed.



April 3rd

The puppies have adapted to their new area very well and Dee is starting to slowly wean them.

They are playing in their new enrichment area.  The toys are constantly switched out to expose them to different items every day. 

We use 10 step handling exercises every day to expose the puppies to different types of touch and sensations   


March 30th

The puppies are doing great!  I can't believe they are 4 weeks already. They are starting on puppy gruel today.  We will be moving them out of their whelping box and into a bigger area.

We are exposing them to different sounds and objects every day. 

eg. Vacuum, tv, music, fireworks. 


March 17th

The puppies are all doing great! They have finished their ENS (early neurological stimulation). 

ENS benefits:

Improved heart rates

Stronger heart beats

Stronger adrenal glands

More tolerance to stress

Greater resistance to disease

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