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Health Guarantee

 We guarantee that when you receive your puppy, it is in good health and has been seen by our veterinarian, and has received his/her first vaccination and dewormings. 


We guarantee that your puppy will not develop a congenital, hereditary, life-threatening, or crippling disability that seriously compromises its quality of life within 2 years of adoption, or we will replace your puppy from the next available litter of the same value. 

We do not guarantee against any illnesses that are viral and preventable by vaccinations. We also do not guarantee against any injury or death caused by accidents after the puppy leaves our premises.

​We are not responsible for any veterinary cost of any kind once the puppy leaves our home.

Our guarantee is not transferable and is only honored to the person that purchased the puppy from us.

*In order for our 2-year health guarantee to be in effect, we must receive confirmation of their spay/neuter by the time the puppy is 15 months of age. 

Standard English Goldendoodle puppies, Mini English Goldendoodle puppies, Medium English Goldendoodle puppies



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