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Jorja and Roo's litter

September 21st. This will probably be my final update before the puppies go home. 

I thought I would go over some of the things that are included in your puppy packs.


In your folder, I have stapled a small packet of prebiotics/probiotics powder. Add a small pinch of the powder to each meal.  

Acana Healthy grain Puppy Recipe:

I'm not sure how much each puppy is eating as they all eat together.  I suggest putting 1 1/2 cups of food in their bowl in the morning.  I give them 20 minutes to eat or until they have had enough and walked away.  Give it to them for their lunch, then dinner etc.  If they have finished it all and looking for more, then you'll need to increase it. If there is left overs after their last meal, you can decrease the amount you're giving them.

Litter: The puppies are trained to go potty on pine pellets.  I have included a small bag in their puppy packs.  Put it in your yard where you want him/her to go.  The pellets will dissolve once it gets wet and disappear into the ground.  

Training Clicker:  I use a clicker to help with their training.  The idea is to click once the puppy does what you're asking them to, and then give them their treat.

We also include a collar, comfort blanket and toy.  


There is also a small packet of pumpkin puree.  If you notice the puppy has loose stool, add 1 tsp of the puree to each meal until the packet is gone.  Packet should be used within 3 days. (refrigerated) 


If you are paying by e-transfer (, the remaining balance is due before pickup day.

If you are paying at pickup, we only except cash.  (Sorry, we do not except cheques)

*Due to issues in the past, puppies do not leave our home if we have not received full payment.


 September 16th The puppies all had their health check up and vaccinations today. They all did great and are very healthy. I've had questions about our puppy spay and neuter policy.  Puppies are to be spayed/neutered after they hit 12 months and before they turn 15 months. This is the requirement at most vet clinics, but there are a few vets that still want to do it at 6 months of age or younger.  New studies found that they need their hormones to grow properly.  Spaying/neutering after 12 months also helps prevent skeletal/joint issues and bladder problems.

*Spaying them earlier than 12 months will void our health guarantee unless it is necessary for the health and safety of the puppy.

Puppies will be microchipped tomorrow.  *Microchips will be transferred once I receive proof of spay and neuter.  

September 7th  I just posted a new video that I took this morning.  They are growing so fast!  It's hard to believe they will be going to their new homes in a few weeks.  Puppies have all had their first baths.  They all did great and tolerated the high velocity dryer very well. (on low setting). We are working on uneven surfaces to help build their confidence.  


August 30th  Puppies are all doing great!  We're continuing to work on sound exposure and have started their grooming exposure. (comb and slicker brush) We are also working with them one on one so they are getting used to being away from their siblings.  

August 25th  Picture day! Puppies are going outside for the first time today.  For their noise exposure exercise, we have been working on desensitizing them to thunder storms, vacuums, as well as other loud noises.  Every day we do a 10 step handling exercise to improve their ability to handle different types of touch and sensation.  



August 19th They have started puppy mush today.  They all have teeth now and Jorja is starting to wean them.

August 16th The puppies had their first nail trim today.   We start adding a different novelty item to their pen everyday. We continue with sound exposure and have added a designated potty area to their pen. 


August 13th We started noise exposure today.  Different sounds are introduced slowly and will gradually get louder as they age.

July 28th We started their ENS and ESI training.  We do this from day 3 through day 16.  


July 25th-26th

Puppies have arrived!  For the first couple of days, we do minimal handling of the puppies. We want to give Jorja time to bond with them with little stress. The only handling we do is taking their weights to make sure they are all gaining.

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