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July 11th

Puppies are 4 weeks today!  We are going to start them on puppy mush today!



July 4th

Puppies are 3 weeks today! We moved them from the nursery to their new area, where they will be exposed to new sounds and objects daily.




June 28th

The puppies are doing great!  They all have their eyes opened and are starting to walk around.  We are having trouble uploading their photos.  Hopefully we can figure it out soon.


June 18th

Puppies are doing great!  They get weighed daily to make sure they are all gaining weight.  We'll continue to do ENS and ESI and gentle handling exercises.




June 16th

We have started the puppies ENS and ESI training.  Ens stands for early neurological stimulation and is an exercise that expose puppies to gentle stressors from day 3 - 16 to help with their development, resilience and improve heart health.




June 13th

Maple and Rivers puppies have arrived!  She had 4 boys (apricots) and 2 girls (chocolate and apricot).

We were pleasantly surprised that she had a chocolate coloured puppy.  Although River is chocolate, Maple would have to carry the chocolate gene too for it to be expressed.  As far as we knew, she didn't have the chocolate gene (her parents and grand parents don't carry the gene according to DNA test).  We have to do some investigating!

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