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We are excited to announce that our waitlist for puppies is now open! Our litters are carefully planned and raised with love and dedication.  If you're looking for a puppy that is highly intelligent and allergy friendly, we invite you to join our waitlist. Secure your reservation with a small deposit and get ready to welcome your new fur baby this spring!

  • Why is this puppy still available?

    Every year, I get asked the same question. Why is this puppy still available? Why didn't he/she get picked?

    There are many answers to why a puppy doesn't get picked right away. Some puppies don't fit into the requirements that each family has. e.g. colour, size, coat type. Some puppies are more outgoing than other's and some are more reserved.

    We've had puppies that were not seen at all because they didn't meet the requirements that the families on the waitlist had. Just because a puppy is still available doesn't mean that there's something wrong with them.

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