These are examples of products that we use and recommend for when you bring your puppy home.

Dog Crate.jpg

Wire dog crate with divider


Acana Healthy Grain Puppy Recipe

(Free-run poultry, cage free eggs, & Herring)

Dog Bowls.jpg

No tip food and water bowls

Paper Towels.jpg

Paper towels

Non Toxic Cleaner.jpg

Non-Toxic cleaner

Pure Pumpkin.jpg

Pure pumpkin for diarrhea  

(*not pumpkin pie filling)


Peroxide to induce vomiting


Syringe for admistering peroxide or medicine

Baby Gate.jpg

Baby gate 


Kong - Crate safe toy

Nylon bone.jpg

Nylon Bone - Crate safe toy

Stuffed toy.jpg

Assorted stuffed toys  (Supervised play)

Deer antlers.jpg

Deer Antlers  (Supervised play)

Bully Sticks.jpg

Bully Sticks - Supervised play


Avoid rawhide bones

*chocking hazard and can cause intestinal blockage