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These are examples of products that we use and recommend for your puppy.

Dog Crate.jpg

Wire dog crate with divider


TLC Whole Life Puppy Food

TLC is sold online and is not available in stores.  They offer free shipping right to your door.

Dog Bowls.jpg

No tip food and water bowls

Paper Towels.jpg

Paper towels

Non Toxic Cleaner.jpg

Non-Toxic cleaner

Pure Pumpkin.jpg

Pure pumpkin for diarrhea  

(*not pumpkin pie filling)


Peroxide to induce vomiting


Syringe for admistering peroxide or medicine

Baby Gate.jpg

Baby gate 


Kong - Crate safe toy

Nylon bone.jpg

Nylon Bone - Crate safe toy

Stuffed toy.jpg

Assorted stuffed toys  (Supervised play)

Deer antlers.jpg

Deer Antlers  (Supervised play)

Bully Sticks.jpg

Bully Sticks - Supervised play


Avoid rawhide bones

*chocking hazard and can cause intestinal blockage

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