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April 17th


Just a reminder that the remaining balance for your puppy is due within 24 hours after selection.  We don't accept e-transfer on the day of puppy pick up.  They can take hours to go through and sometimes they don't work.  If you're wanting to pay on the day of pickup, we only accept cash, just let me know that's what you want to do. Our email for e-transfer is

1. Chili Pepper

2. Cumin

3. Cinnamon

4. Sage

5. Saffron

6. Mint

7. Curry


April 14th

Last week we continued with the 10-step handling exercises and I  started to work on their grooming (comb and slicker brush).  It's important to start them young so they get used to it and it becomes a normal daily routine for them.  I also started crate exposure and working on "no bite".  Puppies are very mouthy at this age and will try to use you as their chew toy. 

They're growing so fast.  It's hard to believe they're almost ready to leave for their new homes.


April 3rd

The puppies have adapted to their new area very well, and

love playing in their new enrichment area.  The toys are constantly switched out to expose them to different items every day. 

We use 10 step handling exercises daily to expose the puppies to different types of touch and sensations.

They are eating softened whole puppy food and no longer eating gruel.  They all had a bath, blow dry, and a nail trim today. 


March 30th

The puppies are all doing great!  Their little personalities are starting to show, and they are all so sweet.  We are exposing them to different sounds and objects every day.  

eg. vacuum, tv music, fireworks

Litter training is going well.

March 24th


Puppies are finally drinking and eating on their own!  We are exposing them to new objects and sounds every day.  I posted a new video of them taken this morning just after they finished eating.  They're full of energy and interact with each other now.  They will be moving to their new area later today which will give them more room.



March 19th

Puppies are all doing great!  I'm still bottle feeding them every few hours, but I hope to start them on puppy mush this week  In week 3, we start with sound desensitizing and exposure to new objects every day to help build their confidence.  We also start litter training them this week. 

March 12

Litter theme: Spices

Sorry, it has taken me so long to put the puppies' pictures up.  Stassi developed a medical condition after the puppies were born.  The good news is that she's doing great, but she is no longer able to nurse her puppies.  I have to take over feeding duties every few hours around the clock.  Stassi is still able to be with her puppies and care for them, just not feed them.

The puppies' eyes are open and they are starting to walk around their whelping box.  They're going to get their first nail trim today as well as their first deworming.

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