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Grooming Supplies

Slicker Brush.jpg

Slicker Brush * Recommended


Metal comb * Recommended

Nail clippers.jpg

 Guillotine style nail trimmer 

BestShot shampoo.jpg

Best Shot Dog Shampoo

Best Shot conditioner.jpg

Best Shot Dog Conditioner

Best shot body splash.jpg

Best Shot  Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Splash Spray

Quick Stop.jpg

Quick Stop - Styptic Powder helps stop bleeding from minor cuts, nail clippings

Ear Cleaner.jpg

Ear Cleaner

cotton pads.jpg

Cotton Pads for ear cleaner

tooth brush.jpg


Suggested items for those who want to groom their dogs at home


Wahl Clippers with a detachable blade

Guide comb 1.jpg

Guide combs for detachable blade set

Grooming Scissors.jpg

Grooming Scissors - Straight,, curved and thinning shears



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