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2022 Planned Litters





















Jorja and Roo

Australian Goldendoodles (Double Doodles)

Size: medium

Estimated weight: 35-45 pounds

Colour possibilities: chocolate, black, champagne, apricots, blue merle, chocolate merle, black parti, chocolate parti, chocolate merle parti, blue merle parti, 

Status: Bred, Confirmed

Due: July 24 +-

Take home date: September

Update:  Jorja and Roo's puppies have arrived!

They had 5 girls - chocolate ( 1 solid 1 tuxedo), 2 cream and 1 black abstract

and 4 boys - 2 chocolate (1 solid one tuxedo), 1 cream and 1 black with tuxedo markings

Applications will open soon.























Dee and Beau 

F1b English Goldendoodles

Size: mini/medium

Estimated weight: 30-45 lbs. 

Colours: cream, light-dark apricot, champagne, 




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