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July 9th

Picture day!  Puppies had a bath and blow dry today and we trimmed their nails.  They all did great!



July 3rd

We started outdoor exposure today.  The puppies did really well.




June 25th

We took pictures of the puppies today.  They all did great and are so sweet!



June 21st

Puppies started mush today.  They're growing up so fast!




June 15th

Puppies are starting to walk around and their ears are opened.  We are start sound desensitizing today.




June 9th

Puppies are 2 weeks old today!




June 8th

The puppies have started to open their eyes!  They are moving around more and are more vocal.  




May 29

We are starting ENS and ESI today!  Ens (early neurological stimulation) is an exercise that expose puppies to gentle stressors from day 3 - 16, to help with their development, resilience and improve heart health.  ESI (early scent introduction)exposes puppies to different scents throughout the 13 days.




May 26th

Nova and Beaus puppies have arrived!   They were born earlier than we expected.  

For the first couple of days, there is minimal handling of the puppies. We want to give Nova time to bond with little stress. The only handling we do, is taking their weights to make sure they are all gaining.

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