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Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee


We warrant that this English Goldendoodle puppy is the result breeding between _______________ born on __________________. All puppies were examined by our Veterinarian and had their first vaccination, microchipped, and have been dewormed.  The health certificate will be current and shall be provided to the buyer at the time the puppy leaves.

Buyer’s Responsibility:

*All veterinary costs are at the Buyer’s expense after the puppy leaves our home.

*This agreement is between the Breeder and the Buyer and is not transferable to a third party.

*Physically injured dogs are not covered by our health guarantee.

*As the new owner of the above-said puppy, I understand that stress-related issues such as worms and coccidia are common with a new puppy and will not be cause for a refund of vet bills.

*The Buyer is to keep the dog at an appropriate weight for its height and body type.

*This puppy is sold as a pet/companion only and will not be used for breeding.

*Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the puppy between 8 - 12 months of age to keep the health guarantee in force.  Failure to do so will nullify the guarantee and the Buyer will be required to pay an additional $2500.00 to the Breeder.  *Proof of spay/neuter is required by the time the puppy is 13 months old.

*Buyer agrees to have a fenced-in yard or dog run in place before you bring the puppy home.  At no time is the dog to be chained/tied up in the yard.

*Buyer agrees that they may be purchasing a puppy sight unseen.  The Buyer agrees that all sales are final, and no refunds will be made except for health guarantee issues as stated in.

*Buyer agrees not to over-exercise the puppy for the first 18 months of the puppy’s life.

*The Buyer shall notify the Breeder immediately if the dog cannot be kept by the Buyer.

*Buyer agrees to never surrender the dog to a shelter or Humane Society.

*The Buyer may return the dog to the Breeder at any time, for any reason. No money will be refunded.


Health Guarantee


We offer a 2-year health guarantee.  Should the puppy be diagnosed with any life-threatening genetic disorder, we will provide you with a new puppy from the next available litter. (excluding shipping cost)

All testing and examinations are the responsibility of the buyer.  A licensed veterinarian must provide proof (x-rays or blood tests etc.) that the genetic defect exists.  Medical proof of any claim must be provided to our veterinarian at the buyer's expense.  The veterinarian must specifically certify that there have been no apparent accidents, the dog is in otherwise good health and holds to a healthy weight for its body size.

I have read the purchase agreement; I understand my responsibilities and agree to abide by the above conditions.




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