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                                                       Visitor Policy


 Visitors are limited to families that have placed a deposit on a puppy. 

We receive many requests from people wanting to come to our home to meet the puppies before leaving a deposit, which is understandable. We are a small, in-home breeder and not a commercial facility, we have to consider our time and the safety of our family and dogs.  As you can imagine, it is very concerning to have our doors open to people and all we know about them is the name they gave us.  Once we have the puppies' temperament evaluations completed, families that have placed a deposit are welcome to meet and choose a puppy that would best suit your family.

​If we have puppies that are 8 weeks+ and ready to go, we require a deposit before your visit.  If the puppy is not suitable for your family, we will refund your deposit.  Please do not go from breeder to breeder! I realize you want to find the right puppy for your family, but you are putting our dogs and puppies at risk.  Parvo is very deadly and is affecting dogs/puppies in Manitoba.  Once Parvo has been introduced to a property, it is impossible to get rid of, therefore putting our program in jeopardy.

When you come for your visit, do not visit pet stores, kennels, dog parks, Breeders or veterinary clinics. Remember to wear freshly laundered clothes on the day of the visit.  Shoes are to be left at the front door and there will be hand sanitizer available for you to use before handling the puppies. This does not only help protect us and the puppies but all the families who are waiting to bring their puppy home. 

We no longer allow young children on visiting day.  We've had too many instances where children are running around our home, and have come close to stepping/falling on puppies.

 We understand that you want to see where the puppies are coming from and how they are being raised, but we do not allow people to walk around where the dog's pens are.  You may have unknowingly come in contact with the parvo and be carrying it on your shoes and there is no way we could possibly disinfect everywhere you may have walked.  Parvo spreads very quickly and can kill in as little as 48 hours.  I know of a breeder that has lost 2 litters from parvo and we're trying to avoid it from happening here.  

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