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May 24th,

Puppies were introduced to a new play area for their exposure exercises, which gives them more room to run and play. After playing, they go back to their smaller pen to eat and sleep.  



May 23rd


We took new pictures of the puppies.  They're growing up so fast!


May 22nd


The puppies are doing great!  They turned 4 week on Sunday.  The time is going by so fast.  We are adding new things to their curriculum every day. So far, we have been desensitizing them to thunderstorm sounds, vacuum noises and music.  The sounds start off low and they get louder as they get older. They have been introduced to toys of different shapes and sizes, bubble wrap, blocks and small balls.  As they get older, the size of the items grow. 

The puppies are moved to a different pen during the day.  We start them off in a small pen that we expand as they get older. . They first start off with a place to sleep, a place to go potty and a place for them to eat and drink.  This is to show them that they need to keep their sleeping area, eating area and potty area separate.  Today we added an area for them to play in.

*Their litter theme is "Animal Crossing".

If you enlarge the pictures, it will tell you the names of  each puppy.



May 13th


The puppies were 3 weeks old yesterday!  We added potty area to their pen.  This will teach them that there is a spot to use to go "potty"  and a spot to sleep.  We will slowly make the potty area smaller as they get older.  We are started their sound desensitizing and we are exposing them to a new novelty item every day.  This helps build confidence in the puppies.

We started the puppies 10 step handling exercises today.  These daily exercises will help  puppies get used to all types of handling they will experience when they go to their new homes.

May 6th

It's hard to believe that the puppies were 2 weeks old yesterday!  They are all doing great.  Today was their last day of ens and esi.  They are starting to walk around and 4 puppies have their eyes opened!  

The theme for this litter is "Animal Crossing".



April 28th

Puppies are 1 week old today!

They had their 1st nail trim today.


April 24th

We're starting the puppies ENS and ESI training today.  ENS stands for early neurological stimulation and is an exercise that expose puppies to gentle stressors from day 3 - 16 to help with their development, resilience and improve heart health.  ESI stands for early scent introduction.  We expose the puppies to a different scent everyday, and take note of their reaction. ESI helps build nose awareness and confidence in the puppies



April 21st

Portia and River's puppies have arrived!   

For the first couple of days, we do minimal handling with the puppies. We want to give Portia time to bond with her puppies and we don't want to add any stress to mom. The only handling we do for the first 3 days is taking their weights to make sure they are all gaining weight.

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